Daly Associates was founded in August 2003 by Joan Daly to provide publishing houses with a unique and cost effective model to significantly increase profits from advertising sales, and the power to consistently produce professional, flawlessly executed events.

During her career as a top sales and corporate relations executive, Joan repeatedly faced the same financial challenges year-after-year. She found it increasingly difficult to hire top sales professionals and maintain their high salaries during the valleys of the advertising cycles without seriously draining profits. She also regularly struggled with budget constraints, severely limiting her ability to adequately staff for production for important local and national promotional events. She envisioned the great potential for service that would considerably broaden the range of capabilities for publishers to increase revenue, while maintaining the bottom line.

Joan established Daly Associates to provide the scope of services she envisioned during her corporate career. She turned that vision into a viable business based on the assumption that there were many others in her position that would value a plausible “pay-for-play” model for advertising sales, where the publishing house would pay only for performance. She also knew the practical efficiency and economy of outsourcing the production of events to an experienced, professional team working on the company’s behalf would be perceived as a strategic advantage.

Daly Associates unites some of the most experienced independent sales and event management professionals in the country together under one convenient contract. Acting as members of the publishers’ in-house teams, they provide extensive, seamless coverage for everything from selling advertising space to selecting appropriate venues and booking speakers for key events.

In it’s short existence, Daly Associates has established itself as an important asset to the publishing community, and continues to grow exponentially.

Headquartered in Vienna, Va., Daly Associates, LLC serves clients in the technology, healthcare, government, education and consumer markets throughout the United States.